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Rampur hound dog price in India

The Rampur Hound, also known as the Rampur Greyhound, is a dog native to Rampur, India. It is recognized as an agile dog. Particularly while running and hunting animals with sharp eyesight. This breed is seen in Rampur, not on the other side of the country. Rampur lies between Delhi and Bareilly. They are soft in behaviour with great speed. They have a very long skull that helps them move their head 270 degrees to have a view of what is happening all over. People have these dogs for hunting and as a companion. Also, they are perfect companions for your children.

The price for this dog fluctuates from high to low, depending on their traits. Some of the factors are puppy size. If you are getting a very small one, it might cost you high. Age, colour, and quality are also the factors on which their price depends.

Another factor that we can consider is the price increase or decrease based on the city.

Here is the overview of the prices -

1. Male dog price: INR 35,000 to INR 90,000

2. Female dog price: INR 25,000 to INR 75,000 


  • Rampur hound dog monthly cost in India - As we discussed above, there are various factors on which cost depends. But besides them, there are several other things on which the total cost varies. The food, if a wealthy family has a dog, they will serve them high-quality food, which costs more than a normal one. But an average family with a dog will provide them with standard quality, so food is a significant factor.

Another one is grooming if you want to have your dog well groomed every time. Then this is also a criterion for increasing the cost. For an average family, they will have grooming for the dog twice or thrice a month.

The monthly average cost for this dog is around 1,500 to 2,000 Indian Rupees.

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