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Indian Mastiff dog price in India

The Indian Mastiff, sometimes called the Indian Bully, is a large and powerful Indian dog breed. They have a muscular body, a large chest, and a robust, solid frame. They have a wide, broad head, short nose, and well-developed jaws. This dog comes with a big responsibility as it is very powerful. So it is difficult for them to survive in flats and apartments. Many big cities now have only flats, so it is quite hard for families who live there to buy. A person with big lawns and yards for them is perfect, and for this dog, it also becomes easy to survive there. Due to size, they are quite expensive; here is the price overview. 

1. Male dog price: INR 55,000 to INR 85,000

2. Female dog price: INR 45,000 to INR 75,000


  • Indian Mastiff dog cost in India - The cost for Mastiff varies by size, color, age, breeding quality, etc. All these things become a factor in the increase in cost. Size and color are the main reason why cost increases for this breed. Before you buy, you have an idea like what color you want and what size is perfect for your family and everything. Their average monthly cost is around INR 44,000 to INR 50,000.


Buy an Indian Mastiff puppy online in India. 

Yes, you can buy a Mastiff puppy online in India. Buying a puppy online is very good for busy people or people with a 9 to 5 job. They can book their pet sitting in an office or at home. There are many websites available that sell this breed. You can visit and ask for all the information. They will provide you with this breed, but there is no guarantee from their side once they deliver the pet. If your puppy gets sick, it will not pick up your phone. I am not saying that every breeder does this. Most of the breeders on the internet will make you face this. The best option is to buy from Breed n Breeder. We have the best breeders, and the breeding quality is good. You can book your pet from us and ask any questions or doubts. They are available for your service 24/7. 

  • Where can I buy an Indian Mastiff puppy in India? - Breed n Breeder is a platform where you can buy Indian Mastiff puppies in India. They provide you with the best puppy all over India. Many people have the same question before getting a dog, and here you get the answer. So prefer us over everyone, and we have a separate customer feedback section for more queries. Once you visit that, we will ensure your every doubt gets cleared.


Indian Mastiff puppies for sale near your home online in India. 

Yes, they are available for sale online. Many websites provide you with this breed, not only this but many other breeds too. But the only problem we saw was cheating and fraud in money transactions. Sometimes you have to reach the last page while booking the dog. After you pay, your page gets hung, and many other things. Most of the time, you have not received any message from the website where you have booked, and all these things come under fraud. Breed n Breeder makes sure to maintain our image in this field. We provide all the related information, and our service team is here for you to buy a puppy. Puppies are in great demand, and the price is also high compared to dogs. 

Purebred KCI-certified Indian Mastiff puppies in India 

Yes, it is a KCI-certified puppy available at Breed n Breeder. Not only do we have this breed, but we also have every other type of pet because it is purebred and KCI-certified. If a breeder costs you extra for this, you will receive an incorrect or mixed-breed dog. But, if you buy from us with no extra payment for 

KCI, we know that KCI pups are more expensive than regular dogs. And, when purchasing a KCI puppy, you must pay a heavy price, but do not worry; we ensure that we supply the highest quality canines. We follow our listings and will ask for that price only. No need to worry about anything when you are buying from us. 

Breed n Breeder is the best online pet shop for Indian Mastiff dogs in India. 

Breed n Breeder is a pet shop, or, we can say, the best place for Indian Mastiff dogs in India. All the dogs and cats are available at the finest prices. There is no need to be concerned because our pricing is affordable. Many people are concerned that if we buy pets online, they will charge us more fees. Our customer care team will link you with us, and we will answer all your queries. 

Indian Mastiff Dog Breeders in India 

The best breeders are available for you at Breed n Breeder. As India has the most populated country, you will find various breeders but do not trust everyone. You will find the top breeders at us. Visit our website; there, you will find only professional breeders. And the best part is we have our breeders background history and everything. Our breeding practices are of high quality and ensure the health of the animals. Before buying a dog, we know that everyone has doubts and everything.