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₹ 90000

* Vaccinated
Name : BnB-5443
Gender : Male
Age : 41 Weeks , 5 Days
Kci : No


₹ 110000

* Vaccinated
Name : BnB-5444
Gender : Male
Age : 39 Weeks , 4 Days
Kci : No


₹ 115000

* Vaccinated
Name : BnB-5445
Gender : Male
Age : 40 Weeks , 0 Days
Kci : No
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Cavapoo price in India

India has become the most populated country in the world. We have different people with different mindsets. People love to have dogs in their homes for safety, companionship, therapy, etc.

Covapoo is a mix between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. Rich people prefer this dog due to its richness, cost, and many other things. The maintenance of this dog is quite high which is why only rich people afford them. The average price starts from INR 75,000 to INR 1,80,000.

How much are Cavapoo puppy cost in India?

The cost of Covapoo depends on various factors like city, state, size, colour, and quantity. The small one is quite expensive as compared to the large size. And it comes in various colours or we can say that it is quite rich because of its colour. The maintenance is quite high the monthly cost is around INR 4000-INR 5000. Their cost is high because they only eat high-quality dog food and they need monthly grooming.

Buy Cavapoo Puppy Online in India

You can buy from Breed n Breeder. It is a platform where you can not only buy but you can sell and adopt also. As you can find many pet shops and websites but the amount of satisfaction that we give no other platform can give. 

Online shopping is a trend now people sit at their home and gets anything. Buying a puppy online will be beneficial for you as you can have many options. If you have a busy schedule you can book your pet at night. On our website, you will get varieties of dogs and their colours. If you want to buy any specific size you can choose that too.


  • Where can I buy Covapoo in India?

Breed n Breeder is an online platform for buying a puppy. You will see many fraud dealers online who will charge extra by adding qualities. Keeping all these things in mind, you can buy it from us. We promise you to deliver the best quality with a secure transaction. As you can see, we have many options for you to buy a dog. We have mentioned all the details; you can contact us with any doubts. You will get many websites, but we need help providing the comfort and trust we give our customers. So, you can consider us over others.


Cavapoo puppies for sale online in India

Yes, they are available for sale at Breed n Breeder in India. The demand for puppies is more than for dogs. And as I mentioned above it is rich so it is not available for sale at every pet shop and online. Before buying learn about it. Every state has different breeders and breeding practices so, prices can change.

But if you want to buy the puppy you can visit our website online we have puppies that are available for sale. There are many options that we have you can choose size, colour. And the best part is we only sell dogs whose quality is good. So you can trust us and our breeders breeding practices.

  • Teacup Cavapoo for sale in India

A teacup is the smallest size in the family people prefers a small rather than a large size. And that is the reason the price of a Teacup is always more than an adult dog. As teacup is in demand so it is not available in every pet shop. And if they have teacups then they will charge some extra amount. We Breed n Breeder provide you with the best teacup in India with the best price possible.

  • Mini cavapoo for sale in India

The weight of a mini covapoo is 9 to 3 kg. And it is a popular breed among families who lives in houses. They are available at our pet shop as you have seen the price listing you can compare them with our website also. 

Purebred KCI-certified Cavapoo puppies in India

It is a mixed dog so it is not registered in KCI which is the Kennel Club of India. You will find many breeders who sell this breed as a KCI-registered dog. And they call themselves KCI-verified breeders. Please have proper knowledge before buying any dog. 

Nowadays frauds and cheatings become a part of everyone life. If any breeder says that he will give you KCI covapoo he is cheating with you. Else you can buy from us where we provide the proper knowledge about everything in detail. Our breeders are professionals with proper breeding knowledge. 

Breed n Breeder is an best online pet shop for Cavapoo dog breed in India

Breed n Breeder is an online pet shop where you can buy Covapoo. We offer almost all types of pets. The dogs have been vaccinated and are disease-free. The primary goal is to enhance the pets living conditions and keep them out of cages. Make sure they are adopted by responsible pet owners. We are a completely trustworthy organization.

We also allow you-

  • Book your pet.
  • A free pet dietician
  • Reserve Mating Services
  • Book Adoption Pet
  • Order per food

We have an online website for pet care, and that connects pet buyers and sellers on a single platform. It is an online pet-selling and buying platform.

Cavapoo dog breeders in India

The best breeders are available at Breed n Breeder they provide you with the true information about the pet. You will find many breeders in India but make sure that they do quality breeding. 

In many parts of India, you will see there are some breeders who resell the dogs and some who do quality practices. At our pet shop, you will find professional breeders and we have their background history as well. 

You can visit us and ask for any information about the dog. We are available 24/7 for your service.