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Belgian Shepherd dog price in India

Belgian Shepherd is considered a tall dog with an average height of 60-66 cm. For a person who lives in apartments and flats for them, it is quite impossible to buy this dog. Houses with long yards will be perfect for the dogs like this breed as this dog originated from Belgium, so it is quite expensive.

Here is the price overview.

1. Male dog price: INR 75,000 to INR 1,50,000 

2. Female dog price: INR 65,000 to INR 1,20,000 

  • Belgian Shepherd cost in India

The cost of can vary depending on their coat colour, age, and quality. They come in different sizes and colours. Their monthly costs are affordable compared to others, but the average cost to buy this breed is quite expensive. The average price ranges from INR 65,000 to INR 1,50,000 + Transportation charges

Buy Belgian Shepherd puppy online in India

Breed n Breeder is a website that is available online in India. The best part about buying a puppy online is you can have a lot of options from which you can select. Another thing is on various occasions like Diwali and Holi, many websites have offered, so if you do not want it urgently, you can wait. But there is no sense in waiting so long. Our website will provide you with the best deal every day. There is no need to think before buying. Just visit our website; we are here all day to pick up your call.

  • Where can I buy Belgian Shepherd Puppy in India?

Yes, Belgian Shepherd is available at Breed n Breeder. One of the best options is buying online, which is the safest option. You will find various websites where you can buy a dog. Buying our promise and trust with the guarantee is something that no other can provide. We sell this breed, and you can get anything you want at the best possible price.

Belgian Shepherd puppies for sale online in India near you

The best place to buy puppies online is Breed n Breeder. It is a platform from where you can buy, sell, and adopt a pet for your home. You will find many pet shops and websites near you, but with the trust we provide and maintain, you can check our customer feedback section. And we are damn sure that after reading all the comments, you can trust us. Buying online will be expensive, but you can compare our listing with any website and pet shop near you.

Purebred KCI-certified Belgian Shepherd puppies in India

The Belgian Shepherd is a mixed dog. And it is KCI registered. This means its unique features and qualities set it apart from other dogs. You will find many breeders who will say that they have KCI. But if you have proper knowledge, you will find that they are committing and will charge an extra amount from you. Breed n Breeder provides you with the best quality and trustworthy information possible.

Breed n Breeder is the best online pet shop for Belgian Shepherd dog breeds in India

The best online pet shop for dogs is Breed n Breeder. Here are a few things that we provide to our customers-

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Our main concern is to provide our customers with a dog that has good-quality breeding. We have the entire breeders’ information available to you and on our website. You can check everything, and you can contact us for the inquiry.

Belgian Shepherd dog breeders near you in India

Breed n Breeder has top-quality breeders who provide complete guarantees for dogs. At the same time, other pet shops and breeders are in the city. Our breeding practices are of high quality and ensure the health of the animals. Because having KCI dogs does not mean the breeders are KCI-certified. You can trust our breeding practices as we work with professional breeders.