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₹ 65000

* Vaccinated
Name : Perso
Gender : Male
Age : 52 Weeks , 5 Days


₹ 95000

* Vaccinated
Name : Bingo
Gender : Male
Age : 56 Weeks , 5 Days


₹ 65000

* Vaccinated
Name : BnB-D508
Gender : Male
Age : 49 Weeks , 5 Days
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Bengal Cat and Kittens price in India

The Bengal cat is one of the most beautiful cats in India. This is created from the Asian leopard cat. As this is domestic, many people prefer this, but this is quite not famous in India. This breed is a leopard hybrid, and it looks quite wild in appearance and bold, so people do not know much about this.

The price of male and female are- 

1. Male cat price: INR 50,000 to INR 1,60,000 

2. Female cat price: INR 1,05,000 to INR 1,13,000 

  • Bengal cat cost in India 

The Bengal cat is medium to large, as it is a very small cat. It grows to 13 to 16 inches, weighing 8 to 15 pounds. The cost for this cat is not so high. It monthly costs around 3,000 to 5,000. The factors which depend on the monthly cost of this cat are size, age, color, and many other things.

Buy Bengal Kitten online in India.

Yes, you can buy Bengal kittens online at Breed n Breeder. Many other websites are available online, as I mentioned above. It is not famous, so it will be difficult to find this kitten or a cat online in India. But at us, we make sure to have all types of pets and cats, especially so that we can serve you whenever you want. Yes, it is available, so you can visit a website and contact us for further information.

The best part is that we only sell cats of the highest quality. You can trust Our breeders because we follow good breeding practices.

  • Where can I buy a Bengal cat in India?

You can buy Bengal cats, and Breed and Breeder, one of the best online websites for buying any pet. Buy online from our website and also contact us to book. Buying online is good as you can sit at your home and book anytime. 

Be cautious because fraud sellers may show you pictures of pets at very high prices. Please be aware of them before contacting them. We provide secure transactions and safe delivery options so that you can trust us with your buy.

Bengal Kittens for sale near you online in India

Yes, you can buy a Bengal kitten online. Many websites sell cats, but not all of them are trustworthy. You can check out the cats available on our website. We update our listings to show which cats are currently available. To build trust, you can read the feedback section to find out their experiences.

Online shopping for pets has become popular because it is convenient. You can buy your pet from the comfort of your own home by scheduling the buy online.

Buy purebred FCI-certified Bengal kitten in India

The Bengal kitten is a special kind of cat that is purebred. And have unique features and qualities that set it apart from other cats. It is recognized by a group called FCI, which means it is an official breed with certain standards.

Because it is a special breed, breeders might try to trick you by asking for more money by saying their cats are FCI. 

But at Breed n Breeder, we value honesty and provide trustworthy information. We ensure you get a genuine Bengal kitten cat that meets all the standards and is healthy. We aim to give you a happy and fulfilling experience with your new cat. So, if you want a real FCI-recognized Bengal kitten, come to us. We are here to help you become a proud cat owner.

Breed n Breeder is India best online pet shop for Bengal Cats.

Breed & Breeder has a website where you can adopt different pets. Our main goal is to ensure pets have happy lives and are not kept in cages. When you adopt a pet from us, we work hard to find them a loving home where they will be well taken care of.

We partner with trustworthy breeders who provide all the necessary paperwork. This will give you important information about your cats, like their health, age.

We care about the health and happiness of our pets. That is why we only work with breeders who take good care of their animals. Our pets are raised with love and proper medical and have good experiences with animals.

When you adopt a pet from Breed & Breeder, you can be sure you are getting a well-loved pet for your family. We believe in responsible pet ownership. Adopting is a positive experience for the pet and its new owner.

By choosing us, you get a wonderful pet and help our mission to improve the lives of animals. We believe in ethical breeding and responsible pet ownership. We aim to find homes where these adorable pets will be loved and cared for throughout their lives.

Bengal Cat breeders in India

At Breed n Breeder, we work with excellent breeders who guarantee the quality of our dogs. Unlike other pet shops and breeders in the city, we focus on taking good care of our animals.

It is important to understand the FCI and its role. Because a breeder has FCI dogs does not mean they are FCI-certified. The FCI sets standards for dog breeds, but not all breeders follow these standards. So, it is crucial to know this when choosing a breeder.

You can trust us because we only work with professional breeders. Our breeders have lots of experience and treat puppies with love and care.

The health and happiness of our dogs are our top priorities. Before offering a puppy for adoption, we ensure they are healthy, well-fed. We want to give you a happy and healthy companion that will bring joy to your home.

We understand that getting a new pet is a big decision, and we are here to help you every step of the way. Our team knows a lot about our dogs, breeding practices, and pet care, so feel free to ask any questions you have.

At Breed n Breeder, our main goal is to find loving homes for our dogs and encourage responsible pet owners. When you adopt one of our dogs, you join our community. And we will always be here to support you whenever you need it.

If you are looking for a furry friend and want to be sure they come from responsible breeders, trust Breed n Breeder. We are dedicated to giving you a wonderful pet and a positive experience that will last a lifetime.